Sunday, December 6, 2009

15 mins.

I read on Tao of Poker that there was a charity tourney on FTP today for Justin Shrunk. I thought I might, just for kicks, play and live blog the thing.

Starting at my table, one Rigged IMHO is immediately to my left, Mr. Peter Eastgate (really?) two to my left. Played first hand with JTs UTG, flush str8 draws go nowhere with Top Pair. QQ takes it. Sit on my hands for a level, get Aces, as does another player. Eastgate flops a set of sevens.

End of game.


TenMile said...

Chess, now continue charitable.

joxum said...


bastinptc said...

TM - the admission price was about a tithe's worth of my FT roll. I kneel before greatness.

J - I swear to God that was his nick. Made for a literary device. Maybe self-fulfilling on my part.

Eastgate made it halfway through the tourney.