Thursday, August 7, 2008

Untoward a Goal

I ran into Yakshi last night playing $25 at Stars. I told him I missed his blog, Government Cheese, which was abruptly removed from the interweb last May. He had pissed off the wrong people who evidently had lawyers who troll the internet looking for sites that name their clients. A shame, really, because the guy has a razor wit.

Right before Govt. Cheese disappeared, Yakshi was running a contest on who was the cheesiest pro. His contest was down to the quarter finals. I asked him who won. “Phil probably, ha ha. Scottie wasn’t cheesy enough.” Phil Hellmuth and Scottie Nguyen, yeah no contest. Scottie may be the biggest cornball, which isn’t quite the same as cheesy, and certainly a far cry from soft, white farmer’s cheese. But now I’m doing Yakshi’s schtick, so I’ll move on.

Nothing much was happening for me at Stars. I lost a little on one table, won a little on another, so it was a wash. I tried Gump’s method, looked for the right tables, found them, and they were tighter than tight. I must have come in at the wrong time, just after the donks got dunked. I’ll try again tonight.

So I poured myself a scotch and went over to Poker Academy. One hand I’m particularly proud of:

1} bastin $124.45 9h 9c
2) Spike6905 (sitting out)
3) ronj5558 $110.10 ?? ??
4) mohgan $67.95 ?? ??
5) LoungeLizard $160.80 ?? ??
6) AlAtrape * $109.50 ?? ??
7) Opinh Bombay $184.90 ?? ??
8) Prez OBAMA $100.85 ?? ??
9) sweet beer $98.13 ?? ??
10) ElkY jr $69.42 7h 8d

Opinh Bombay posts small blind $0.50
Prez OBAMA posts big blind $1
sweet beer folds
ElkY jr calls $1
bastin raises $3.50
ronj5558 folds
mohgan calls $4.50
LoungeLizard folds
AlAtrape folds
Opinh Bombay folds
Prez OBAMA folds
ElkY jr calls $3.50

FLOP: 9s 8c 6h
ElkY jr checks
bastin bets $25
mohgan folds
ElkY jr calls $25

TURN: 9s 8c 6h 6s
ElkY jr checks
bastin bets $25.50
ElkY jr calls $25.50

RIVER: 9s 8c 6h 6s Qd
ElkY jr bets $14.42 (all-in)
bastin calls $14.42
ElkY jr shows 7h 8d
bastin shows 9h 9c

bastin wins $141.84 with a Full House, Nines over Sixes
$3 raked.

I have no idea why he bet out on the river with this hand. Well, yes I do. It was my turn bet. I wanted to show a little weakness and he took the bait. The guy’s a calling station anyway, always looking for the cooler, and I’ve wanted to clock his ass for some time.

Maybe I should have written “waited” instead of “wanted.” Maybe I can do both at the same time. That’s the great thing about Poker Academy: the usual suspects always show up and I can get a great read on a player after several sessions. I find a target and I wait for the right opportunity to strike.

Now, I realize that this may look as if I’m letting my emotions get in the way of my game, or at least be in danger of that. Maybe there’s a bit of anticipation involved, and certainly aggression. Neither of these seems to be out of line in poker. I am anticipating the time when I can felt a player, and when I do, I’m going to do it in such a manner that sends him/her reeling. Ha!

I have a list.


Pascale Soleil said...

You're playing $25 on Pokerstars???

I'm hoping you mean .25.


Pascale Soleil said...

Feel free to delete this after reading...

On 2+2 and the like they call .10/.25 "25NL" for short. It's common usage that you might or might not want to adopt.

bastinptc said...


PAPro_SandMan said...

I think marking someone like that and salivating a little bit in anticipation of making them pay is pretty much the name of the game. I agree you don't want to let emotions get the better of you, but I think the predatory instinct represented here, together with a little bit of righteous vengeance, is an effective part of one's poker game.

Forrest Gump said...

I think its a really fine line. I definitely look for a few 'spots' at the table where I'd really like to get into a big pot. But I also have a habit for never giving them any credit for a hand which is a mistake. I think the right path is stick with the multi-level thinkign but widen their hand ranges.

bastinptc said...

It comes down to recognizing players that may provide you with an opportunity. As one develops a read, one must consider not only how that player may lose, but also how that person wins.