Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Between a Rock and a Card Place

Cute title, eh? This may be the first blog entry I’ve written in which I have a title before the fact. WTF am I thinking?!

Yesterday I fell while fishing. Again. It happens. Negotiating big basalt boulders can get a bit tricky. It’s these damn bifocals. While I bruised up my knee the last time I went fishing and fell, this time I only scraped my other knee, yet I strained a muscle in my chest. Some little muscle that magically connects to my chest and back, making a deep breath a bit painful, in stereo. On top of that, it’s an old injury come back to remind me of prior falls.

Adding insult to injury, we were skunked on the money hole. I caught a little cut throat trout on my first cast, and then nothing for the rest of the day. This was a first. Despite a good rain last week, the river had returned to its previous shallow level. The fish that were in the hole two weeks ago were no longer there. They had either been fished out by other folks, or had moved up the river when they had a chance.

Poker swims around in this writing like a half-remembered, reoccurring dream that nags at me for hours after waking up. When I am ready…


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice title.

What's the poker academy?

bastinptc said...

Poker Academy is a software-based online poker community. It's where I learned how to play Hold 'em, and where I still play. You can take a look at www.poker-academy.com. (I'm not affiliated, just a cult member.)

Thanks for checking out my blog.