Saturday, September 27, 2008


I’m running good. Maybe it’s a psychological thing after receiving my deposit bonus and thereby having an extra two buy-ins. Since that glorious day I have acquired two more buy-ins, and now I’m up to eight for 25NL. If I can get my “m” (ha) up to ten, maybe I will see a flop all-in with pocket Kings (ha again).

Yeah, I know it’s pretty pathetic to be yappin’ about grinding with a small roll, all the while playing above that roll. Cardgrrl says I should move down. I just can’t do it. I see those $5 stacks and ask myself, “Why bother?” I’m not so sure the competition is any worse either. (Someday I’m going to post my observations about the PS game in general.) To be honest, if I somehow lost it all, it wouldn’t be the end of me or my playing on Stars. It’s still a helluva lot cheaper than going to the casino with the same amount of money and playing 1/2, so I’d make a deposit.

Yet, that’s not what I want to achieve here. I see no reason why I cannot replicate my performance at PA, and if I can get up to about a grand, I’ll be looking to move up. Or not. It’s too early to tell.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, it’s a beautiful early autumn day. The rains have stopped for a few days, which will give me an opportunity to dig up the rest of the potatoes. We have more tomatoes than we can eat and the Jerusalem Artichokes are blooming. The buzzards are circling, only not for carrion. They will soon make one more orbit and then file off southward. I’m going to get in the truck and take a drive to look for some photo opportunities.


Memphis MOJO said...

Great photo. I can see that you and your camera click. (ouch)

Do you use any software such as (basic) photoshop or easyshare?

bastinptc said...

The photo is called "Arc." The rainbow effect is something that happens, albeit rarely, when the sun hits ice crystals in high-altitude cirrus clouds at a perfect angle.

Photoshop was used to crop the photo. No alterations or effects.