Sunday, September 21, 2008

The first autumn rains on the last day of summer.
I step outside to a fat, short rainbow between the clouds
And flocks of Sandhill Cranes ahead of schedule.

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ajner30 said...

Bastin, thanks for that story. You have highlighted a few of the many aspects of PAO that make it stand apart as a community for poker players. We can make money and compete elsewhere, but it is very rewarding to have friendship and competition in one place where things are not as anonymous as they first seem.

I remember one day, after a particularly contentious hand, some verbal sparring ensued between sbstar and myself. I said, "Don't be mad, SB." He replied, "I'm not mad, I consider you a friend." "Likewise", I said. That was so unexpected, but it was true, and I don't believe it would have happened anywhere else.

Thanks again for sharing your insights on life and poker. You have a great blog.