Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let’s get physical

Skunk is staring me down… I think. He’s giving me the eye, perhaps. One eye is pointed my way, the other at the blank TV screen behind me. The game is five-handed, he’s short (10M is short for Skunk) and is first to act. He has just had to re-buy after being one of the big stacks at the table just a short time before. He jams. I have AQo and call. The button calls and is all in. Skunk has QKo, the Button has J6o, the flop comes with a Qd and two other diamonds. Turn and river are diamonds. No one has a diamond and we chop.

Dave has big calluses on all of the first knuckles on his hands. I can only imagine.

Still five-handed. I limp UTG with J Qh. One other limper and the BB. Flop is AKJ rainbow. BB bets, I raise, he calls. Turn is a 10. He has Q6 off. I flip him off.

The young blonde calling station dumps 2/3 of her huge stack into mine. Thank you.

I have the chip lead, for a while, anyway.

I go absolutely fucking card dead. The woman to my right keeps giving my thigh short rubs of comfort. The touches are of the motherly type. Her husband is sitting to her right. Lovely people.

Mom takes me out in fifth place out of a field of 24.

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