Thursday, April 15, 2010

A week Thursday

I'm home. We're home. DW and I, the dog and the cats.

We picked up the dog first, brought it home. DW went to fetch the cats. She called from the road. One cat had certainly puked, maybe pissed in its cage. Another, judging from the howls, has shit and puked. Oh, and the smells. Could I meet her at the basement door for triage. Yes, a plan.

Wrestled and washed two cats in the deep sink, dried each with nary a scratch. Nor a palpitation.

And that's when I knew for sure the procedure was a success.

Prepare to be inundated.


Dave G said...

Glad to hear that your procedure was a success and that you are safely back home. Good luck with the recovery.

joxum said...

What a fun filled Thursday.

Take it easy for a bit, Pat - I'll come over and look after your peppers for a small fee :)


Crash said...

The no palps is the good part. Must be a relief.