Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yep, you don’t


—Hi. Yes, I have a question about one of the job listings.


—Cognitive Facilitator. Is that just another term for teacher?

—What is the reference number for the position?


At which point she reads the entire job description, the same information I have in front of me.

—Yes, I read that. What sort of classroom environment are they referring to?

—Would you like me to refer you to the employer?

—I don’t know. Is it a teaching position or a counseling position? It kind of reads like both, and I’m not so sure I qualify as a counselor.

—Do you have a high school diploma or G.E.D.?


— Do you have good communication skills?

—Yes, I believe so.

—Can you work independently?


—Then let me refer you to the employer.

—But there’s one more question I have. Below the educational requirements it lists preferred Majors of Social Science or Social Work. How can one have such majors if one only has a high school diploma?

—Would you like to refer you to the employer or not?

—I may not be qualified.

—Sir, if you turn down the referral, I have to mark that in your file. I’m not saying that will hurt you in future inquiries, but I will have to mark it down.
—How can you mark it down in my file when I haven’t told you who I am?

—You’re not Joseph?

—No. Poor Joseph must still be on hold waiting for you to get back to him.

—Well, let me get your name so I can refer you to the employer. You never know.


Memphis MOJO said...

Amazing. You couldn't make up stuff like that.

joxum said...


In Denmark they may cut you off from any benefits, if you decline to see an employer.

And I see you've refocused your page. Nice!