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A BM at the B&M

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 12:21 am
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Hello dear friends.

Today I drove the hour to our local Res. casino. Bullden has been
there and told me the smallest game was 2/4, $400 max buy-in.
I took $500, a little over half of my gambling allotment. Oops.
Bad bankroll management.

I should have left just after putting my name on the waiting list.
Every player that signed up after me was on a first name basis
with the floor manager.

In short (one hour), A8 and A9 suited, nothing; AQ, Q on the flop,
I get reraised, I call, K on the turn, he goes all-in, I fold to trip K's;
then I get KQ on the button, I raise, and smooth-called by both
blinds. Flop 9 Q 9; I bet the pot; small blind goes all in and
I CALL WITH MY LAST $45. I hit a straight on the river!
Oh, I forgot to tell you, he had pocket Q's.

Left the room in a bit of a daze. In that I had only been there an
hour, I decided to play some slots with my last $100.
$60 in I won $754.

I'll be sleeping inside tonight.

As always, and alive to try another day,

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