Monday, July 14, 2008

Perils of Pub Play

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 7:11 pm
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Final Table. 7 players. 4 of us have approximately even stacks, all large. Pocket 10's in cut-off.
Two of these large stacks limp for $500. I call.
BB, chip leader raises $2K. All of us call.
Flop comes 10 3 K.
BB bets pot, UTG calls, I go all in for 30K.
BB calls and has KJ. UTG calls and has AQ.
J hits on the river. I end up with $6K.

Few hands later. Dealer has been drinking Jag shots all night. Sticky hands flip a Js that would have been mine. Look at my other hole card: Qs. Instead, I end up with a 7d. Muck my hand. Flop comes QJ7.

In the BB with 2s. Blinds are $5K. All-in with my last $1K.
Mr. Monster-Stack-That-Should-Be-Mine calls and flops Ks.

Second week in a row this guy has come back from the brink to win the tourney. Question is: should I play in his home game this Friday?

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