Sunday, August 22, 2010


I've made mention of a couple things over the last few weeks: the difficulty I am having finding burned fields that will add to the stock of photos I already have on the subject; and the evidence of grass fields that are not being harvested for seed, but instead made into bales. 

As I came to a crest on Waldo Hills Road, I came upon this bucolic setting. It was the second such scene I had witnessed today. Another field closer to home was being baled as well. 

I drove by the field near my house many times last week. The field had been cut and windrowed the same day as one adjacent. The latter had been harvested for its seed... a week and a half ago. What was baled today can hardly be classified as hay as it is bone dry and therefore absent of nutrient, except for the seed perhaps; yet I believe it is not the seed on which feeders of livestock depend. 

Same with the field above. As I drove closer, it was readily apparent that this hay had about as much moisture in it as our drainage ditch is without road dust.

So, I wonder, first about why and second, a slightly different question, for what.  The straw market is no more. And then I imagine.

In the area there ares several large dairies with their corresponding settling ponds. The compost that could be made with that slurry and these bales! And it just so happens plant nurseries are the largest ag businesses in the region. A lot of soil goes out with newly potted plants.


Memphis MOJO said...

You need to add detective to your resume.

bastinptc said...

What I need, Mojo, is less free time, AKA, a job from all of those resumes I already have out.