Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is it an obsession when it ceases to hold interest and you still do it?

If one needed more proof that the grass seed industry is in a slump, the freshly burned fields that are even more freshly plowed would be a good indicator. Bits of ash stayed atop the red soil; not quite Georgia-red, but the iron is readily apparent. I’m guessing winter wheat will take its place next.

Although I knew there were a fair number of torched fields in that area northwest of town. I missed the one road that would have led me to several, including the plowed field. I went out today with that road in mind, for I remembered that I had managed to get a few good shots there last year.

Those same fields were hayed or had been plowed and left fallow (which means weeds) this year. The road, however, was just a washboarded. (I should really wash my truck some time.)

So, maybe the burning restrictions have made an impact, and reduced my photo ops as well. If so, I am not prepared to give up quite yet.

Yesterday I awoke to a lot of interesting clouds interspersed in the blue. I should have taken advantage of them right then and there, jumped in the truck and hit the fields, adding the clouds into some of my shots, but I had another plan. I wanted to wait until the sun had abut another hour and a half in the sky, a time of day I had neglected in last year’s shots. By the time six o’clock came rolling along, the sky overhead was nothing but clouds all bunched up in a most undistinguishing way. The colors were flat.

Today, or rather this morning again, beautiful puffy clouds; and by six o’clock, all but gone. There were some shadows though, and when I finally found a field to photograph, I included them in a shot or two.

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Ten Mile said...

Regarding the title: Well, maybe.

But I've always thought the series needed a goal - like a beginning, middle and an end of some sort.

The examination of form (patterns) was fine, the textures and contrasts were okay, but burned grass needed a goal of some sort.

Those fields did produce something, and would have had other patterns of texture to interest.

Most of all the series was your interest at the time and following along on the examination was fine to this reader.