Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poker Content!

How to put this? Imagine two women, one a totally inebriated Ethiopian and the other with Down’s Syndrome, singing Karaoke duets for four hours at a volume that makes it difficult to hear whether the person across the table is calling or raising. Neither could carry a tune.

I lost six bucks after being up $25. Trips, not a set, with a worse kicker did me in during what was otherwise a limpfest. It did no good to raise in this short stack, five-handed extravaganza without power behind, as one was certain to get three callers. Post flop was everything.

The game broke early. 


Ten Mile said...

Poker Stars loves giving me the dumb end of houses and that special no kicker hand.

lightning36 said...

Sounds like you are lucky that the game didn't go on forever. That would be similar to hell, perhaps?

Crash said...

Wha? That's how I win when I win. You guys wouldn't enjoy playing with me, but you would enjoy the final result!

NT said...

Isn't poker fun?


bastinptc said...

Well, it may be another six months before I mention poker in the blog again.