Saturday, July 31, 2010

Curiosity can. Yes it can.

Yesterday while building the enclosure, I saw some large columns of smoke rising to our north. I went looking today.

A new law banning a large percentage of grass seed field burnings went into effect this year. A few varieties are exempt, and most of these are supposedly grown at higher (remote) elevations. After two years of photographing these fields, I knew right where to go.

I can’t say that I was thrilled with the panorama I had to work with, but here you go:

This wasn’t the only photo outing I planned for the day. There’s a big fest in town that highlights a lot of the local businesses, and I thought I’d try my hand again at photographing people. So, after a little more driving in the hills, I headed south to a road that would take me back into town.

I’ve been on this road quite a bit as well. There’s a park along the way that I’ve hiked in to, and I’ve taken some nice field shots along the way. While I was driving, I remembered something else from this road: an odd, for lack of a better word, compound with several long, open-sided sheds, surrounded by high chain link topped with razor wire. I’ve thought to stop and have a look, but have resisted. Sometimes there are vehicles parked outside of the gate, but more often than not it is unattended. Today there were no cars, so I thought, what the heck, and had a look.

Even though the sheds had no sides, the interiors were dark, Cages were lined single-file along either side on the structures, and below many of them were foot-tall pyramid-like piles. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I began to see the minks. Disgust and fear. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

If one were to google relevant terms, one would find that there has been some activity regarding such facilities in the last couple days. I didn’t know this when I went gawking. Now I do. A little more googling with more specific phrasing indicated that this place is not on the radar of governmental or anarchic organizations. I’m surprised I was free to just amble up to the perimeter.

Well, the trip to the festival was pretty much ruined, and the few photos I took reflect that. I was happy to just get back home.

And something else: I’m going out for some poker tonight.


Ten Mile said...

Releasing that many mink will certainly be a boon to the trappers of the area, and the hawks, and the bob cats and just about everyone except the chicken farmers, and maybe the feral cat population.

bastinptc said...

From what I understand, or at least it seems to make sense, 100 years of breeding has rendered the liberated easy marks.

joxum said...

the second image would look good on a wall, for sure. A lot of things to explore on there.