Sunday, July 25, 2010

A bit late

Two years and one week ago I started this thing with a host of older posts from the Poker Academy forums and this about this:
Red Cab Pink Van (2007)

A lot and a little has changed, which, I suppose, is to be expected.


Crash said...

Tell us what has changed. Really.

bastinptc said...

For starters, about 1% as much poker and 1,000% more art making.

TenMile said...

B - Day. However, two years and eight days is rather a fine point to resting on.

bastinptc said...

Thanks for going along, guys.

Wolynski said...

Brother, it's hard to make money from art. People like Warhol spent most of their time outside the studio ingratiating themselves with rich patrons. An artist has to be a businessman and a self-promoter - just creating masterpieces is not enough.

bastinptc said...

What are you saying, W, that I should go back to poker?

Believe me, I'm working it. But yeah, not much money in it for now.

Anonymous said...


i had forgotten what a beautiful cup holder that is.