Friday, July 23, 2010

Next time you're in the produce aisle

Our apples have all colored up. Too bad they are the size of ping pong balls. The scab has decimated the crop, and the coloration is evidence of how stressed the trees are. We are fortunate because we only have four trees and therefore not really enough potential crop to sell, although we have in the past. For orchardists, it is another matter.

"I saw a few apples with scab on them one day. The next day when I went out to check again, I saw more and wondered how I could have missed these apples the day before. The next day I cried all day. We sprayed twice and still got scab. I just want to bulldoze the whole orchard."


Memphis MOJO said...

One word: o-u-c-h

TenMile said...

Thems bitter apples even in cider.

bastinptc said...

Same friend says that to get a gallon of cider processed costs $2. Yes, they will be able to use some of their apples for this, but they're still taking a huge hit this year.

I've said it before: the variance in poker pales.