Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sins of omission

For some reason I've never thought much about it except as a waste of time, another cookie on my machine, and my pennies won't make a difference anyway. Then today I received an email explaining how it has been considered the comraderly thing to do, this click through on ads.

"Of course," says DW, and continues with "I do it. And I've always wondered why you don't have ads on your blog."

"Because with the number of readers, it would indeed be mere pennies."

I am not going to spend a lot of time thinking about this, and if I do decide to put ads on my site, I'm not going to spend any time justifying it. However, let it be known that I will henceforth take the couple extra seconds to click through on my friends' sites.

You're welcome.


KenP said...

start using big $$ words then. If you talk about asbestos or anything mention in those lawyer ads asking if someone was affected by a drug.

Some of those actually pay $'s per click.

I really don't click through. First, I have adblock installed in Firefox. So they don't even appear. Second, it seems dishonest and like you say the benefit is pennies. It gets us to the old joke: We've established your occupation and are just determining price.

Yakshi said...

Blogger has an option that says "Monetize." I clicked it for the Chihuahua but not for Quincy.

So now on Chihuahua I have various ads.

Personally, I don't know if anyone has ever clicked on them. I don't know how I would be informed if they had.

On the government cheese blog, I advertised for PokerStars and actually had someone click it and sign up and 2 weeks later I received $50 in my Stars account. Now that was pretty cool.

But I think it only really matters if you're a "pro" blogger, in it for the cash.

The generous sentiment is what matters though.

Memphis MOJO said...

The Grump has some ads on his web site. I used to click on some them, but finally gave up doing it. Probably just pennies, so why bother.

Crash said...

I'll give it a try. If my friends have them on their blogs, I'll click, unless I forget. Not so disciplined, anymore.