Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flower fields

I wasn't the only one.

A small orange car coming toward me pulled off the road about a quarter mile away. A woman got out from the driver's side, opened the back seat door, grabbed a camera and went running to the edge of the field and started taking pictures. She turned back toward the car, said something, turned back toward the flowers, and then ran alongside the field, deeper onto the farmer's property.

I finished photographing those fields and planned on heading further east when I happened to watch a truck go up a side road north. I saw more color and followed. As I parked, another car came from the opposite direction, stopped, and a hand with a camera popped out of the passenger side window.

Again capturing the panoramas and angles I could from the road, I headed back to the main road. Next to the first fields, two young women had a camera mounted on a tripod. One set the timer and rushed back to hug her friend, a field of pinks as their backdrop.


TenMile said...

You've been turning out some good pictures, bastinptc.

Anymore and Wolynski will have to take back that "if you ain't got it starting, you get it praticin"" or something like that paraphrased.

Which reminds me, the WSOP came out with some good pictures, so he had a good bunch to work with.

Memphis MOJO said...

a field of pinks as their backdrop.

Regarding the last image: Not just pinks, but lines, too. Nice job.

lightning36 said...

What fantastoc colors. I am not much of a nature person so I had no idea what kind of flowers or grains were photographed. Any idea?

bastinptc said...

Thanks guys. The yellow flowers are California Poppies. I used to know the names of the other flowers back when I worked in a gardening center. No longer.

joxum said...

Some colors! Nice, nice!