Sunday, November 14, 2010

The barn. Shit.

Well, there's a bit of dry sheep manure left over from an art project a couple years ago, but that's not the issue. It's more a mood brought about by all that goes with the dried droppings. Let something go for a while, and, well, you know.

Or maybe it's the weather. Dreary, I tell you. Not enough to get a soaking but it does somehow get deep inside.

I've waited this long; I'll give myself another twenty minutes. But it needs to be done.

Actually, I already started cleaning the thing this week. All of the starter trays and pots have been stacked and organized, ready to be handed off to another couple who started farming a couple years ago. They should be happy. No, they are, inviting us to lunch next Sunday.

Tool room: check

Irrigation room: check

General storage area #1: check

So, see? Not that bad after all.

No, it's more of the contrast between now and then, when I had a use for the building. Or rather, the other use, because it's about to become a studio for some rather sizable sculpture.

After I clean up the other barn.


TenMile said...

You planning to make big pieces small or small pieces large?

Lessons of, favored status to?

Critic? Longer?

bastinptc said...

Big pieces bigger. Never made monuments before. Never much cared for them, which may be reason enough for doing a lot of things in the future.

I'll take a stab by saying that primogeniture would have would have been a factor in another time and were legitimacy not an issue. But of course, although baring some truths, this is merely a metaphor. Making inroads, like revenge, is best done slowly.