Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Reading has more or less taken over a large part of my day. Catching up, you see, ever since I buried all of those art magazines in the compost with the coyote, and just recently getting up to a speed where I can... well, there really is no getting ahead when there's always a horizon.

The above are the most recent additions to the ongoing series, Gist, and come from those readings. I read some pretty heavy shit, for as I said, and because I can't seem to help it, think trebuchet. Admittedly, at times its a real slog  from where I left off some years back, and sometimes I can do no better than glean some fundamentals that I can paraphrase. Gist runs parallel to this endeavor, not only as little clips of bigger ideas, but as ideas that expand on the authors' original intents. Sometimes more like poems, other times like conceptual art pieces, while they can be passed by quickly, it is hoped that they elicit more than one reading/meaning. The better ones, anyway.

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Ten Mile said...

Are you saying that a picture is; while the thousand words are necessary to paint a picture?

While who cares about the artists means, when our end is the observation of the finished product.

(You realize that statement is for discussio purposes? Like, are Art Critics necessary to enjoy the Art? An old argument anyway.)