Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When the rains comes strong, one will often see vehicles parked down by the boat ramp just to watch see if the river will come over its bank. Today, in much the same way, there was an older gentleman buying an outdoor thermometer at the hardware store. We’re supposed to get down to 19°F tonight. Maybe colder. And were it not for the cold, the river might have crested.

People scoff, “That’s not cold!” Well, it is cold for a temperate area. It’s cold to me, and I lived through –80°F (with the wind chill factor). I felt a little bit of that ice-pick-between-the-eye’s feeling while walking the dog. I braked and turned into the back end of my rig as I took a curve a little too quick. Someone will lose it on our road tonight.

It’s even worse to the north. This from last night in Seattle:


KenP said...

You've perspective. Those temperate folks around you don't. Hide!

I was stationed in Wichita Falls, TX and they got a skim of snow. Texans come to the table as some of the most aggressive drivers out there. Red light ahead? Keep the peddle down until you have to break hard.

From the base to town was a short divide lane route. After a skim of snow and that seldom happens, I drove to town and the ditches were littered with cars. They were every 50 feet. Unbelievable but understandable.

TenMile said...

Have a turkey day, Hoss. You and DW.

Forrest Gump said...

I saw snow once. I was 2 or 3 and i remember it filling up my gumboots and i hated the stuff. But seriously, WTF was the bus driver thinking?

lightning36 said...

Even those of us who have driven many times in snow forget that we are virtually powerless against ice and gravity.