Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just so much

The helicopters could be heard to the northeast and southwest, working to get Christmas trees out of the fields on Thanksgiving. Again all day today, in the rain, to make kids in California, Mexico and Japan happy with anticipation. They quit just before dusk, about the same time the big stand of firs across the road started to make its own clouds.

Meanwhile, there’s a list of things I thought to mention to DW but forgot to bring up with the bucket of firewood and the plastic bag of dog shit after walking the dog. Among those things pushed to the back was not the way the seasonal creek flowed through the culvert or the animal trail wound its way through clumps of tall, dead grass.

It was getting dark, a little later than the day last week when I saw something large and tan slink from the firs on the property line and along the fence lines that made the alley to the back pastures. I was about to walk the dog then as well, but went back inside for a gun, and DW to hold the leash while I patrolled.  The dog’s nose never left the ground.

Our outdoor cat saw the dog and I head out this afternoon and emerged from the shelter of his shed. He hopped up onto a shelf I built for him and remained there until we returned. He too was wet when the three of us entered through the basement door. DW met us and dried off the cat while I toweled down the dog.

I just remembered there’s finished laundry in the dryer.


Ten Mile said...

Big Foot is now brown? I'll have to think about that on the way to town this morning.

Oh. Walking the dog is a good excuse to carry that new camera. Even if Big Foot hair isn't found, maybe that cat on the shelf.

bastinptc said...

I have that hominid of ecstasy in several colors on video and in sculptural form.

I thought to name what I thought the beast to be, no NN it, yet at 200 yards and no more than a half-second of the back 3/4, it is difficult to make a determination. There is, however, a conjecture in the transition.

As for the camera, them 'shrooms a while back, out back.

Ten Mile said...

That's sad. MOJO is going to be so disappointed in you.

Maybe surprised your still taking pictures also.

bastinptc said...

I am uncertain how the new camera would endure a downpour.

For the cat, I would refer you to this old post: