Monday, October 13, 2008

1,000 Hits

I crossed that threshold today here at “bastin”. I want to thank my 12 dedicated readers, and those people searching for paintings of Chihuahuas playing poker, signs that read “Trespassers will be composted, “ have problems with Bull Thistles, and, most curiously, looking for “places that burn at 45 degrees latitude.” I must have multiple fingers on the pulses of a variety of cultural movements.

Of course my taste buds are firmly planted against my cheek. And inasmuch, my tongue has convenient proximity to the sore tooth to which it is always drawn. (Thanks to Mark Twain for that oft-repeated imagery.)

In the course of the last three months of writing this blog, I have probably read 20,000 entries on others’ blogs. I have laughed, been moved to tears, sometimes encouraged to post a comment, and built friendships. Among my readership, you folks know who you are. So, as I move forward to 2,000 hits (hopefully a bit quicker than the first 1K, and with a few more readers that can offer me a job covering poker tournaments and the like) I want to thank you, my readers, my friends.

Oh, and I love my dear wife.

P.S. I will be burning a big brush pile in the next week or so at 45 degrees latitude. Get your tickets now.

(Edit) P.P.S. Tracking on Site Meter, some curious reader must have done a search for the 45 degree thing. So, I did the same, just to see. Turns out it's a quote from that old trickster Nostradamus. Go figure.


Memphis MOJO said...

If you write it well, they will come.

Cardgrrl said...


Now don't go gettin' all uppity and forgetting your roots, m'kay?


PAPro_SandMan said...

Bastin. Uppity.

Laugh Out Loud.