Thursday, October 16, 2008

More 45 degree latitude burns

I seem to remember a while back writing about doing some photo work during the field burning season here. I started scanning the photos last night (only to discover today that I had the resolution down on my scanner, so I have to do them all over again, silly me). I thought I'd share a couple.

The clouds of smoke rise to impressive heights, perhaps 20,000 feet. Afterwards, what is left is a black field, making for some striking contrasts.


PAPro_SandMan said...

O luk! Duh hillz can haz a belt!

Sorry, LOLCATS moment there. (Fair warning - if you ask, I'll tell you. But then again, so will Google.)

I think it was about a month and a half ago you were talking about getting the camera out during burning season. Either you mentioned it here or we're sharing the false memory.

Striking contrasts, indeed. It surprises me just how black and burnt that patch gets. I would have guessed the appearance would be more uneven, splotchy grays.

Memphis MOJO said...

Amazing photos!!! Thanks for sharing.