Friday, October 31, 2008

Full of Myself

Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to do this, yet it’s Halloween and it’s Poker Academy, so what the hell.

I’m playing 20NL with one of my appropriately rolled nicks. The table has a couple regular higher buy-in nicks playing (slow night, not many rooms open) and some newbies of varying styles. There’s a chap two to my left who likes to open up for 10 x BB with anything so I limp early with KK. True to form, he bets $2, gets a caller, and I type “Raisy daisy!” and make it $13.60 to go. Wild guy raises and goes all-in with his last $12.65, his caller kicks in his last $14.50 and I call. 9s7d7s4hJc. The wild one has 3hKh and the lemming has J 10o. I’m sitting pretty.

Nine hands later I get slipped Aces in the hole. One player limps from early, the lemming follows, as does another player, so I raise it to $1.60. Lemming calls. 7h9h4s and I bet $4.20. The lemming calls. 3h. I should have jammed the flop as my Aces are black, but I go ahead and bet $6.30. Lemming calls. 6c on river and I put Lemming all-in. He shows pocket fives, hitting a runner-runner gut shot. Granted, he shouldn’t have seen the turn, and granted, I could have played 4th and 5th better but I go ahead and type:

“In the words of our dear MAJOR, keep playing that way.”

“LOL meaning that I will lose it all eventually?”

“Let me put it this way: You don’t want me to make you my special project.”

“Enemy or mentor?”

“Your choice.”


To be continued.


Memphis MOJO said...

who's the MAJOR ?

bastinptc said...

MAJOR is one of PA's more successful players, perhaps in the top ten (I'd have to check). He regularly terrorizes the small stakes games with his sizable roll. He would have jammed the flop, or perhaps even jammed preflop. If the gutshot hit, the player would never hear the end of it, and his diatribe would start with words much harsher than mine.

I might also add that since Poker Academy is supposed to be just that, an academy, I cannot take the suckout too seriously. I was a newbie once, not so long ago, and I have delivered a few myself. Yet, not as many as MAJOR has to me. ;-)

Memphis MOJO said...

I left the comment above from my cell phone(!)while sitting in the Houston airport. We live in an amazing world.

I wanted to ask this. I'd love to learn how to play Omaha or Omaha 8 because I see that as a possible direction for poker players to go and I want to be ahead of the curve.

Does the academy teach other forms and how would you rate them for Omaha (if you know)? Also, is it expensive? Thx.