Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Washing me down

Barbie asks, “bastin, did all of your tomatoes freeze?” It’s pub tourney night. Barbie and I have drawn the same table.

“No. We have them in a hoop house.” I’m short-stacked, dealing, and I’ve dealt myself two Aces. Four of the seven players have limped in so I jam with my last 5 x BB. The blinds fold, as does the UTG. “The frost we had earlier this week didn’t get them, so we’re still eating them.”

We’re still eating ours too. We saved some.” Barbie calls. “They’re so yummy. I just can’t get enough of them. I’m going to miss them. Nothing like home grown tomatoes. What kind do you grow?” She turns over AKd.

“Several varieties, mostly heirloom.” 2d3d4c “There’s your diamonds.”

“Well, what kind? Martha Stewart had a show where she talked about heirloom vegetables.” Qc “I can’t remember any of the names of the tomatoes. And how about Jerusalem Artichokes, have you ever had them? My grandpa used to grow them. We peeled them, mashed tem up and they were yummy.”


“Thank you, bastin. I mean, I know I shouldn’t say thank you when I win but I don’t win very much, and when I lose I don’t say anything but I get so excited when I win.”

“We grow Jerusalem Artichokes. I’ll bring you some when we harvest them.”

“Oh, thank you. TY That’s what I type when I win a hand at WPT. YW That’s what others type back. I don’t play for real money. Except me and Tracy, we went to the casino once…”

“Re-buy!” STFU



Memphis MOJO said...

No one else commented, but I liked the style of this piece. I may have to steal it sometime. Heh.

bastinptc said...