Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gone bad good


Memphis MOJO said...

Will some of these end up in your compost pile?

bastinptc said...

After the deer get through with them, yes. They sit right next to the pile now.

TenMile said...

You realize, do you not, that messing with your format is messing with my mind?

And the link roll on Bloglines.

Still, I suppose I can put up with that for the still life pictures.

When'd you notice the deer had the wherewithall to crack the gourds?

bastinptc said...

TM - Image is everything, is it not? Strike that. How about something re reformatting? Nah.

Glad you like the pics. Last year a friend visited about this time and we had a similar arrangement of goo. He took a pic. I owe it to him.

The deer are well-acquainted with the compost piles and any plantings not behind fences.

joxum said...

That orange color looks almost as if it was painted on the green pumpkin. Odd.