Monday, February 15, 2010

Timing an image

Yeah, it’s everything.

Sitemeter shows a 25% increase in visitors today. Grump linked me.

I can only hope that the new visitors thus far are a bit on the erudite side, for with what should they greeted? Photos of my aging body parts. Well, Lambsie* did link me because of my interest in photography.

So, this post is for those of you new to this blog. If you’re interested in seeing my photo work, you’ll have to go deeper than this page for a more complete idea of what I point a camera at. Or, if you prefer, please visit my website,

Thanks for dropping by.

*If you’ve ever played with Grump on Stars, you’ll know why I call him this.


Crash said...

Well, those other people I don't know, but I was getting kind of hot. Was that really your hand? I suspect not.

bastinptc said...

Yes, it is my hand. The whole series will be me.