Monday, February 22, 2010

The people have spoken

I could have gone back to the Widow’s woods, or down to the river again, but there was that little voice: “Be among people.” So I went to the park in town. It had water, and I wanted to get a little more footage for “Otherwise Seamless,” and there would surely be people present on such a beautiful day. The whisper would not go ignored.

I give the squeak too much credit. Not that the trip to town had no motive. I drove down streets I had not been on before today, looking for new inspiration, a little louder voice, with “Seamless” so close to being in the can and the woods done to satisfaction. A rasp: “Houses and yards.” You’d have to see, but then again, you someday might.

In the meantime, a babbling brook was calling.

But that’s not what I have to offer today. No more “OS” until it’s finished.

1 comment:

Forrest Gump said...

Those who take a parting glance will see two love birds acting a little crazy.

Those who look a little closer will see two guys doing some very weird shit.

Those who watch UFC will recognise the guy on the ground practicing his guard while fighting off the ground....

Nice shot B. :)