Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A certain video game came on to the market a couple months ago that has a character who shares a name with a post of mine from a couple years back. Our tuxedo cat is getting a lot of exposure because of this game’s popularity. “Oh, cute kitty in an outdoor enclosure!” Back click.

And now that grass seed isn’t as profitable or practical as it has been in the past, a picture I took of a field of a new crop to the region has been doing quite well with the locals. Back click.

Today I mowed a field, got sunburned arms and started a new compost pile, and my google analytics numbers are going up for the first time in a long time.

I mowed the field with a purpose that will make for a farm story in a few weeks; the sunburn just happened with eight hours of exposure; and the compost pile does not have anything out of the ordinary in it.

There’s always that temptation, the repeat performance.

By and large, the attendance at last Friday’s opening wasn’t what I had hoped it would be, yet my pieces were well received from minds whom I trust. Now comes the hard part, spreading the word.


That was three days ago. The weather has cooperated for the most part to begin facilitating the rehabilitation of what used to be a well-kept farmstead. Consequently, I’m outside for a good part of the day now, sort of like old times, except very few vegetables are growing. The good news is that a little hard work has been uneventful, so it is time to lose the gut that I’ve acquired over the past eighteen months.

The downside, perhaps, is that I am finding myself with less time to write for the blog. I have mixed feelings.

That is not to say that we’ll be fading off into the sunset anytime soon, but rather I’ll make believe that I am writing daily on Mars (not that big of a stretch, eh?).

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Memphis MOJO said...

my pieces were well received from minds whom I trust.