Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feels like tomorrow

OK, first things first because, to be honest, I don’t know how much spunk I can muster for a run-down of two days when I am. Who sleeps well away from home?

The twelve year mark passed without incident, dinner and a movie, the former not as good as we had hoped, the latter better than the title, “Hot Tub Time Machine.” We laughed despite the heavy meal.

I have pictures. A lot of pictures, yet just a few of my video and dirt mound, and this is what I intended to get out of the way a full paragraph ago. The bulk of the photos will take a while to get through.

Can’t write or type for shit right now. Therefore editing doesn’t have much appeal either, if it is a ‘therefore’ kind of situation. Could be collateral. Or just a case of piling on like another heavy meal.

I Love Art but (Part 1) and Back Issues

Back Issues


Crash said...

Party on, then!!
If I knew that was the kind of book-end you wanted, I would have sent you some.

joxum said...

Word verification word is "arthil" - no shit! Guess it says it all!