Monday, June 27, 2011


Nothing too exciting, actually.

There a pair of California Quail on the place again this year. I'll be watching for feral cats.

Speaking of hunting, the Gray Digger seems to have packed up and left. Either that or the bait finally got it. Or an owl. Or a cat. There are cobwebs on one of its entrances.

A pair of ring necked doves has been seen in the area, including our driveway. Odd this far north.

Today I flushed out a Coluber constrictor (Northern Black Racer) when I was weed-whacking. Too fast to catch.

The pond is full of some sizable tadpoles. I'm guessing a couple varieties of tree frogs, as some of the adults are bigger than others. One type I see around a lot. The other may be new to the area since I have been keeping water in the pond year-round. I might have to capture one and do a closer examination.

Half of what must be the front line of the Scio High School football team put up hay in our barn for the mules.

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