Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm excited for MemphisMojo, getting deep in the Old Fogeys Have-at-It Tourney in the WSOP. Shame that Grump, that comparably spring chicken of a whippersnapper takes it hard on the chin by some guys in Depends. Whether it happens this year or not, both of these fellers stand a good chance of taking one of these down. Mark my words.

Of course, after my last couple days, words may not be my strong suit(e).

This piece measures approximately 5' x 12'. It is made with wash clothes that have been formed with an acrylic gel.

Its title is "One Quatrain," although, as one might expect, can be configured any number of ways.

The abstract shape as a whole doesn't do much for me Perhaps as some sort of collection of forms, like insects, then an arrangement like this might work; yet, I do prefer the first one more as it supports the notion that a poem on the page is as much a visual experience as it is literary.


Yakshi said...

I also prefer the first one and like it quite a bit. It reminds me of a character in the movie "Crumb." See it? It's about that cartoonist dude. His brother starting writing a story by hand. The story was rolling along quite nicely, but then one single letter appeared to be blurry. The blurry letters came more frequently until eventually entire words were indecipherable. The smudgy words multiplied until, by the later part of his long story, the reader could make out absolutely nothing. Chaos conquered sense. The tone of yours is not nearly so dark, obviously. And despite--or because of--being dark, I think that Crumb's brother's idea was fascinating. Just reminded me of that guy. I like seeing the things you're working on or have completed. Thanks!

Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks for the shout out.

bastinptc said...

Thanks, Yakshi. I saw "Crumb" when it first came out. Amazing eccentricities. I bought Robert's comic books when I was a kid, and they did have some influence, moving me beyond "Mad" magazine.

While my purpose in the "text" pieces that I have done of late is not too far off of his brother's mark, I perhaps have the advantage of an education that allows me to displace and perhaps objectify my internal dialogue a little more, which is helpful. His may have been a descent, while mine is the corresponding ascent.