Thursday, June 2, 2011

Plowing ahead

I'm reading a twitter feed from Pauly as he covers a HU match between Chan and Hellmuth. Hellmuth doubles up with two clubs in his hand, two on the flop and a fifth on the turn. This against Chan's flopped two pair, and I wonder Hellmuth's reaction: was it one of joy at the good fortune, or was it smeared with greasy hubris? Not wanting to jump to conclusions, for admittedly I see little more than edited characterizations, I asked. I don't anticipate an answer, and so may very well have to leave it to my presuppositions.

But this isn't the way I wanted to start out this post. Yes, with a bit of poker-speak, but instead of pulling that old saw of poker and life any further, I'll quickly jump to the second and third avocations of old: farming and art.

The rainy weather persists, although there is promise of a few warmer days in the near future. Still, I believe that for the fourth year running, the temperatures will not get warm enough to grow certain crops like the large-sized varieties of tomatoes, and winter squash may be out of the question as well. Just to name two. Being no longer so fully engaged with the soil was a good fold.

If we get a dry day, I may be able to mow the lawn again. It needs it. I fantasize a thicket of Japanese Maples, torso-less ballerinas; their crimson undulations block out the sun from six inches on above the ground.

Which brings us to a change in attitude about seeing ideas and images from ten years ago so warmly accepted when now offered by another. Someday I might not even need mention it.


KenP said...

Been mushrooming?

Be careful; one up the road might hunt you.

lightning36 said...

Helmuth was pretending to be a northern European.

bastinptc said...

I bet H has fungi growing in dark, damp places.

36 - Ha!