Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just like I need a haircut, it's Tuesday

The cats decided my ass made for a good springboard this morning. That and the same sinus thing I went to bed with last night, and I clocked five hours. The dreams were pretty cool. Very interestingly shaped wind instrument, not phallic in any way, so not really clear on just how one manipulated a sound from it. Not even certain I knew how to play it. But I was sittin' in.

Oh, I could riff.

Time to break out the circle hoe. Little weeds will otherwise catch up with the spuds that are starting to show. I'll also move the starts out of the greenhouse to let them harden off a bit before transplanting them.

Reminds me of my mid-teens.

There's a picture. I'm guessing we'd only been in town a couple months, maybe a month or so into the wrestling season, this judged by attire and build. The farm girls were ready while, advertising that I was,  I was far from it; and the farm boys had something to prove, which they did, for a short while. This is what she asked: "Are you afraid of fucking a girl with bigger thighs than yours?" I was neither distracted or deterred and took Conference.

Oh yeah, I just remembered that my favorite warm up stretch was the Hidden Lotus. Now it all makes sense.

I'll try not to talk in the chair.

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