Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blue in Green Turns Brown

I have a choice to make. I'm thinking about fishing but there's work to be done. I may have to think about the fishing a couple more days, especially considering today will be the last in a few with temperatures conducive to painting weeds blue.

I do wish I had a macro lens, as that blue is one beautiful hue of blue. Maybe I'll try to capture how it looks on a daisy. I'll be right back...

And speaking of capture, and photos, and therefore something akin to art, and by capture I mean trap...

Beuys' Mound, long-term readers may recall, is a piece of land art I did over the course of the last few years. To refresh, I buried a dead coyote surrounded by ten years of ArtForum and Art in America magazines in a compost pile. I then cultivated a hybrid winter squash upon the mound, and ended the project with saving one seed of said squash. The mound has since been fallow, except for a surprising number of weeds that have sprouted in otherwise carefully maintained ground. Anyway, a pocket gopher decided to take up residence in the mound and the surrounding area. As of this morning, that gopher is fittingly fertilizer, and judging by its physical state, has left behind some fresh young pups.

It does not escape me that this place has become somewhat of a killing field in recent days.  The pall of the cat still hangs heavy and colors.

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