Sunday, July 3, 2011

sad news

We lost another house cat, the second one in as many months, the first from a long and lingering illness, and today's from what may have been a long time coming but severe just this last week. The first was DW's lap kitty, the second claimed her place on our bed every night. Both were rescues, both neutered before found, and brought back from the brink to live very good and considerably longer lives under DW's loving care. She is devastated.

I was raised 'farm' and that is how I respond to the animals, but I was not born with a heart of stone, and it pains me to see my wife suffer this way. Sometimes I wish her heart wasn't as big as it is, for her sake, not mine.

Thank you for your thoughts. 


Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry for DW's suffering.

Crash said...

Thoughts to you both from my own DW and me.

lightning36 said...

Sorry to hear the news. Pets become part of our family and cause such grief when we lose them. Fortunately, DW has a great man upon which to rely. : o )