Friday, May 29, 2009

Bees and flowers

I took a drive today to photograph some fields to the north of us. I took a lot of photos, looking to experiment with framing. I am getting some ideas that have yet to make for good photos; yet, I did manage to get some decent shots of what I initially set out to capture.

This is a field of Meadow Foam, a plant that is grown for its seed. The seed is pressed for oil. You can read about it here.


That is Giant Red Clover in the foreground. There are huge fields of it, and each field has a group of bee hives for honey production.

I wanted to get a good shot of the bee boxes. I walked up to within 50 yards of the hives and I could see swarms of bees all around. What you can't see is that the bulk of the clover field is behind me. As I was framing the shot, I became aware of buzzing past my ears again and again. I took the picture and turn around to see a site that can best be described as what one would see if every jet in the world decided to decend upon one airport all at once. I scooted.

Another field of clover, taken from the safety of my truck and at a respectable speed. There are thunderstorms in the Cascades today. In another month these types of storms will bring the forest fires that will burn through the rest of the summer.


Memphis MOJO said...

These are terrific photos. I can't decide which one I like best. You have a good eye, must be that art gene you have kicking in.

Crash said...

AHHH...nice. My blood pressure is down a couple more points. You do seem to be learning your new camera.

bastinptc said...

Thanks guys. This camera is the best thing I've purchased in a long while.