Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick update

Rain, wind, rain, wind, rain. The hoophouse took flight like the ghost of a dragon. Maybe sun this afternoon, yet the prognosticators are phrasing their reports in such a way that suggests they are afraid to disappoint us. Even the DW has started to complain.

Loaded the trailer yesterday with the order for our client. This is the first time I have hitched the trailer to my rig, and wouldn't you know it, the left bank of lights aren't working properly. Could make for an interesting trip into the city.

The order is sizable, five times larger than the previous orders. We are just shy of breaking even on this endeavor, provided I don't get a traffic ticket.


Memphis MOJO said...

GL with it.

Crash said...

Three rains and only two winds. Odd.
Are you going to lose what was in the hoop house?

Poker update: They still haven't blocked me from pstars or ft. (I live in Minnesota.) I did take all but $100 out, just to be safe. I am using that to step into O8. Lot of fun and action, but not winning yet. Just going on the little chapter in SS2.

Word has it that they never will be able to block Minnesota players. Can use out-of-state proxy servers, onion server farms, etc. I will be sure to use an organic onion server farm.