Monday, May 11, 2009

google pulse

In past posts I have made note of the google searches that bring folks to this blog. Mind you, I don't get a lot of hits, so I am able to distinguish the few new viewers from my regulars. Lately I have been getting a couple hits a day for "flowering plum trees." Yes, they are beautiful trees, and the few plums that actually develop (very few) are edible. I am sorry that I cannot offer much more information than that, and this is most likely why these people click on my blog long enough to see the pictures, never to return.

This morning as I scanned for new viewers, I saw that someone from the University at San Diego, California visited from a google search. What did they search? "Farming is underappreciated." I had to laugh. If this viewer ever returns, and wants an earful, please contact me.

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Memphis MOJO said...

I'm afraid to check to see what google terms bring people to my blog. It might be "donkey" or something like that.