Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mission semi-accomplished

Where’s the corn?

I didn’t remember seeing it in the trailer, nor did I recall unloading it. Yep, still in the greenhouse. Oops. I’ll be making an extra trip.

The rest of the delivery went off without a hitch. I saw just one Salem Police car, and he apparently didn’t see that I didn’t have brake lights. It turns out that my trailer lights are rigged for an American-made vehicle. I’d need to install a converter, which won’t happen because we’re selling the trailer. My little 4-banger Toyota is relieved.

One half of the plant sale.


Crash said...

You know I am handicapped. What If I wanted to park there?

TenMile said...

Ho, bastin. You certainly timed the starters correctly. Those things look healthy. You going to do the starters for the later, longer time plants?

Sorry to hear the Temp Green House took french leave. Sand bags are impossible I know, keeping that much freeboard at home. Straps appear the only way.

PS: Thanks for the visit.