Friday, September 3, 2010


I had every intention of relating my week in LA. I can't do it just now. Maybe never. Maybe just parts. Perhaps some photos. I could not get over the fact that so many live in an area that was not meant to support people in such numbers.

I walked out to the back of the property to watch tonight's sunset. On my way back I found some late blackberries that were sweet and delicious.


Ten Mile said...

Need to send along a link of a CA cook. He's been posting a fine series on West Coast native berries.

Hope the trip was fine; understand the area you visited raises kids and more kids. Sow's 'em with 9mm/.45 cal/and other varieties of seed spreaders.

Quiet at home, huh?

joxum said...

um, nice! Over here, blackberry season has just begun. Picked a pound yesterday with my son. They are about to hit the pots and become jam.