Monday, September 13, 2010


The Patriot

The Captain

The Drunk


lightning36 said...

Nothing like monster trucks!

Yakshi said...

I had a bastinptc dream last night. You were living on the fourth floor of an old, upscale apartment building in South San Francisco. My car had broken down, and you appeared and invited me to a dinner party. We didn't know each other in the dream. I showed up, but then I forgot that I had left my cat in the car. So I headed back up the interstate and retrieved him. When I showed back up at your place, you were wandering the halls looking for me. I brought my cat into your apartment. A bunch of other people had showed up in the meantime. Then we all sat down to eat quail shish kebab.

bastinptc said...

As long as you didn't leave the cat with us when you left. We have enough.

Otherwise, it sure reads like a transition dream.

Memphis MOJO said...

The monster trucks must be amazing to see in person. Nice shots.