Sunday, September 12, 2010


This weekend the town to our north had its Harvest Festival. I had mentioned elsewhere that I did not have any interest in attending this event as it was known to be something of a drunkfest, with fights and the works. However, today was Family Day with a shorter schedule of events, and therefore I thought I should make an attempt to see just what was what. And to perhaps avoid some version of an "all talk," I offer the  first picture:
The rest of the photos I will present with minimal commentary, except to mention that the stock tractor pull was the main event for the day.
The Republicans (they don't use that term on their signs any longer) were having a fundraiser.
By far the best looking tractor on the field today. Had a rough start but managed to end with a decent score. I may remember seeing only one other Cockshutt in my life.
One of the two women contestants I saw.
The gentleman who drove this rig asked me to take photos of his rig. I obliged. Dual pipes made for a loud ride. Not much torque but a lot of speed.
The announcer informed the crowd that this pull was this young lady's (18 years old) first event. I wish I could say it ended well for her. Note that she has her hands up in the air. This is to signify to the guys hooking up the sled that she has the beast out of gear. Her gears were her undoing.

I'd imagine that's enough photos for one post. Tomorrow I'll put up a few of the monster truck competition.


Anonymous said...

Love it.
Real Merica.
Not like the fake Merica I gotta push, shove and dry hump on my way to work everyday.


Crash said...

You saw this Cockshut:

Crash said...

The father/son photo was great.

bastinptc said...

Aki - I thought diversity was our strongest suit.

You are correct, Crash. Thanks.