Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Project's end/rainy day

I took what may very well be the last photos I will shoot of the burned fields today. Not all will make the cut for the series on my website, maybe just the less landscapey ones. I think I want to avoid a more photojournalistic theme for the group, and concentrate more on the abstraction.


joxum said...

I think you still manage to investigate the matter really well, though.

You're definately right about keeping the photojournalistic point of view away from this piece.


bastinptc said...

As always, thanks for your comments and encouragement.

Forrest Gump said...

This one really hits the mark for me.


bastinptc said...

That is also where the circle is. I might have to go back to that site.

Anonymous said...

can you get them to agree to burn the tree? I think the series would benefit from the stark melancholy of a denuded, scorched tree.