Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Of a sharing nature

The starlings are doing their collective acrobatics, coming in for the last of the apples; the sweet corn has been topped to get the last bit of swell to the kernels; and there are no fewer than four deer corpses feeding the buzzards in the three-mile stretch into town. The buzzards will be circling above the back field soon, not for some kill but to file off one at a time due south. Jupiter is the brightest it will be for the next fifty years, the moon is waning low on the horizon and the house is noticeably quieter tonight.

I want to think about cycles, for we seem prone to go that way this time of year, except the change of non-change that comes back around is blunted by a persistent sense of linearity and absence. Some things we’d just as soon not repeat, if only we were granted some insight as to how to avoid such; notions of the chance of a last chance at something enduring come with their own pressure; and sometimes simply drawing from experience to find a few words to acknowledge enough to build on the next time around. Or in some instances, to set the stage.

I said, “Work to uncover the sublime that comes through the commitment,” knowing full well that I offered a challenge and an opportunity all at once.

In other news:

I laughed like I have not in some twenty-seven years, and made sounds and faces I pulled from those same recesses.

They forgot the cutest little pair of socks behind. They’re on the fridge for the time being. We may not return them.

I showed my son my favorite place on the river to not catch fish.

The mules make their presence known a couple times a day.

We all have colds now.

 I’m getting a haircut tomorrow.

R of home game fame is getting married next week; Saturday is a poker bachelor party.

We’re digging up a few spuds from the compost pile.

I’m back.


TenMile said...

Seen jokes of tires, boots and sticks from fishing trips - But mule laughs and 'cute' socks?

Welcome back.

Memphis MOJO said...

Welcome back, hope you had a good visit.

Crash said...

And back with my favorite kind of post.

bastinptc said...

Thanks, guys.