Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go figure

...the odds, that is. First hand of the night, and a first for me.

Poker Academy Online #79,046,596
No Limit Texas Holdem ($0.25/$0.5 NL)
Table Dioptase
December 13, 2010 - 23:29:46 (PST)

 1} EarlyCuyler      $50.00  9h Th (me)
 4) bolly            $46.55  ?? ??
 8) AlmostDead      $102.97  ?? ??
 9) Vee *            $52.88  ?? ??
10) Card-Dead        $85.94  3h 4h

Card-Dead posts small blind $0.25
EarlyCuyler posts big blind $0.50
bolly folds
AlmostDead calls $0.50
Vee folds
Card-Dead calls $0.25
EarlyCuyler checks

FLOP:  6h 5h 8h
Card-Dead checks
EarlyCuyler checks
AlmostDead bets $4.50
Card-Dead raises $10.50
EarlyCuyler raises $34.50 (all-in)
AlmostDead folds
Card-Dead calls $34.50
EarlyCuyler shows 9h Th
Card-Dead shows 3h 4h

TURN:  6h 5h 8h 7h

RIVER:  6h 5h 8h 7h Tc

EarlyCuyler wins $103 with a Ten High Straight Flush
$2 raked.


Crash said...

And then, tempting fate, you played several more hours?

bastinptc said...

Nah, just a hundred hands or so, but went no further than that double-up. The days of playing for hours on end are behind me.

Crash said...

I've been trying to resharpen, ok sharpen, my skills by playing 3,000 or 6,000 player tournaments against the bots, all Xenbots. They always get me after a time, but it is fun to see how far I make it and what big mistake I make at the end. The stacks graph is fun to watch with so many players. It gets quite smooth. It's also nice to go walk the dog and return to find the bots patiently waiting for me. Or even save the game for tomorrow. After stage 4 the bots seem to get much smarter. It plays more like a cash game than a tournament at that stage.