Friday, December 17, 2010

Opinh Bombay

My Poker Academy buddy, Opinh Bombay emailed me the other day to say he had a layover in PDX (Portland in pilot speak) on his way back to Anchorage. OB, as we call him in our online table chat, flies for FedEx. I gladly made the drive to hang out with him.

Our time window was rather small, yet I wanted to make the most of it, so I suggested we take a drive up the Columbia Gorge to one of Oregon's most attended tourist spot, Multnomah Falls.

What I didn't tell OB was that we would be making the trip in Gert, my little four-banger Toyota truck. OB is 6'8".

Nevertheless, we arrived safe and sound, despite being buffeted by the strong Gorge winds, had a lovely late lunch and chat, and took some photos. See you in March, OB!

Fun Fact: Multnomah Falls is approximately 100 times taller than OB.

1 comment:

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice photos, but I'd rather be there to see it myself. Beautiful spot.