Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resort? To What?

  • live "inside the outdoors" in the paradise of Hawaii
  • commune with wild friendly Hawiian spinner Dolphins
  • sleep in a plush outdoor bed
  • sip pure, organic "super anti-oxidant " Asantae Coffee or herbal tea
  • awaken to a chorus of tropical birds
  • eat papayas and veggies from the organic garden
  • experience healing from biostimulating light waves emitted by low level lasers
  • plant seeds, connect with Mother Earth
  • experiment with flower essences for soul development
  • eliminate heavy metals/toxins in our comfortable (low heat) far infrared sauna
  • visit the ancient Place of Sanctuary for spiritual revitalization
  • walk the colorful labyrinth inside the rainbowed illuminarium
  • ride the hammock as the sun sets
  • pamper yourself with a lomilomi rejuvenation treatment
  • learn how to pamper your face with an organic skin renewal system
  • Avail yourself of our K1 triangular vibration system
  • sail on a Hawaiian double hulled canoe with Captain Kiko
  • share fresh, organic meals with kindred spirits
  • laugh and sing by the (unessential) fireplace
  • nurture body and soul, with humor
  • hosting weddings, honeymoons, workshops
  • NEW - Try programmed non-transdermal holographic chips that communicate homeopathic vibrations, inviting cells to operate at their optimum harmonic frequency so the body works at peak efficiency—no drugs, no side effects—only elevated energy/concentration, more REM sleep, enhanced immune system and alleviation of pain.


Forrest Gump said...

I think the plans for the labyrinth may have been written on a napkin at the local.

TenMile said...

You've been spending too much time in the corridor between Medford and Seattle - the CA rejects area for Arts and Budget wannabes.

I suppose there's hope, however. You let it stand on its own.

bastinptc said...

I have always been cynical, which has been both a blessing and a disease. Regardless, it has never prevented me from having a good laugh.

Memphis MOJO said...

Where do I sign up for this?