Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It seems like there are more trees being harvested this year than in others of recent memory. Is there a larger demand this year, despite the economy? Somehow I doubt it. Most likely it is a cyclical thing, perhaps simultaneous plantings on many farms seven years ago, and they must be harvested at optimum size.

Or, I’m paying attention.

I found today’s helicopter. A huge operation on Kingston-Jordan Road with, I’m guessing, close to a thousand acres in Douglas, Noble and Grand Firs. The harvest was taking place a good 400 yards from the road, too far and not enough light for my 300mm lens to do much good, so I took a deep breath and pulled onto the property.

Workers, bundled trees and tractor-trailers in abundance, this was by far the biggest operation I had seen. I parked close enough in to blend but far enough away to not be in the way or needed to beat feet. The workers and drivers were aware of me but none took issue. If I had seen any supervisory-looking folks I would have asked permission, but none to be found, I made my way to the edge of the field. Still too far away, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

Suddenly, vanloads of workers started coming in from the field. It was noon and the roach coach had arrived. I took this as my cue, yet as I turned toward my truck, my eye was still engaged.

Trees Lights


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice shot, especially considering the conditions.

bastinptc said...

Thanks Mojo. I hate the way the photo transfers into blogger tho'. Them's some bad conditions.

Forrest Gump said...

Maybe I've been hugging too many trees...but seeing all those Christmas trees up-ended seems a little disturbing?

bastinptc said...

"Upended" might be one way to put it, but these cut trees are from a Christmas tree farm. The ground they are grown on is unsuitable for much else except pasture or other types of tree farms (lumber). And actually, growing the trees makes the ground more unsuitable, so there is that aspect that addresses more of your concern. What's a farmer to do?

Still, today's photo is a bit of a tongue in cheek perspective on what you bring up. Its title is "Lest We Forget." I understand it references much more, but seeing all of those trees ready for shipping reminded me of early photographs of battle field scenes. Hence the sepia treatment.